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Our First Bali Motor Crash

Sunset at Padang Bai a bit before the crash

I had my second motor accident when my husband and I travel to Padang Bai. It went smoothly from our temporary stay in Sidemen, but we had a small accident when we drove back to Sidemen from Padang Bai.

Luckily it was a single accident. No cars or any heavy vehicles behind us. Both of us wore long pants and long shirt for no reason, usually we don’t when we drive a motorcycle. No harm on our shirt and pants. My husband got a lot more scratches than me but not that much. I got only two scratches but I couldn’t stretch my right arm, was only able to stretch it for 90-120 degree only. But I can say that were lucky with that accident.

The accident took place on a very big road in Kusamba. This road is kind of toll (but not a toll). It is so big that will make you drive up to 100km/hr. The road isn’t that smooth, but big enough. So many motorcycles, cars, and heavy vehicles like trucks passing this road. If you drive this road, you should be really careful.

First time in a wheelchair before getting into X-ray room. My right arm can only move from 90-120 degree

The accident happened around 8.30 pm. Not many lights along the road, so you gotta really be careful and not necessary to speed up your drive at all. We fell when we wanted to turn right. Little bit quarrel since I said to turn right but he didn’t trust me enough. So he stopped at the end of the road before turning right and checked on the maps which said to take the right turn. He worried that if he didn’t speed up now, the other cars behind will taking over ours so we cant turn right. But, he took it way too much, and there are so many unseen sands on the road when we take our turn. Here we go! We fell!

Things I remembered, I wasn’t able to completely stretch my arm, was so hurt when it moves only an inch. But still, had to help my husband to clean up the scratches he got. So many people there but we got no help at all. Maybe they were thinking that we were in the acting class that night. So we helped each other lol with so many tears on my eyes lol.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Worried if I broke my arm, we decided to go to the hospital. RSUD Klungkung. This is a kind of a local hospital but really good. I got an x-ray of my arm which was a real hard work to take it since I had to move it really slow and carefully. My right arm was swollen. Like a big swell in the elbow. Max movement was only 90-120 degree. Was so painful. But x-ray said that arm was fine, no broken arm. So thank god, we drove back to Sidemen with arm sling for my right arm. Then, the next day we went back to Ubud, our base.

Before I came to RSUD Klungkung, I tried to call some clinics and private hospital. When I asked the price for x-ray, one of them asked if it’s for Indonesian or foreigner. Apparently, they kind of having a different price for foreigner which is annoying for me because it’s a kind of humiliating. Don’t get me wrong. I am Indonesian but and was given a cheap normal price, but what if that happens to my husband? That is so unfair. Indonesian or foreigner is just the same, wounded and needs emergency help. So if any of you guys, who are related to a hospital like this, please do let me know if this rule really yours. (Because BF of my friend also got charged 4 times more expensive than normal price when they came to Bali).

I can only suggest you find a big local hospital, usually says with RSUD (and followed by the city name). If you have health insurance, then you’ll be fine. But if you don’t, you will be charged as normal as is.

I put a cold towel in my elbow to make it a little bit better, and it works. For a few days, with a cold towel and afterward with a warm towel as suggested by the doctor. And try to stretch it slowly every day every time and got healed after 3-4 weeks. Now I can completely stretch my right arm. The accident happened early of June and healed end of June.

I hope that you’ll be careful when you pass this big road in Kusamba, especially at night. Since there are only limited lights and more sands in some spots.

Overall, if you pass this road, don’t forget to make a stop at Goa Lawah (Bats’ cave) which is worth to visit as well.

Good luck and enjoy your Bali trip! xoxo

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