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Come Early For Stunning View At Tegalalang-Ubud

I’ve been to Ubud like many times. I love this city. The vibe is so much different from other cities in Bali I suppose. The weather is much better than Denpasar. A bit cooler than Denpasar. Although I prefer cool and (maybe) colder place to stay, I can’t deny that I am still Indonesian who prefer sunlight than snow lol. So Ubud is a perfect place for me so far. I call this place ‘home’.

So this month I will be in Ubud for a month. Husband taking his Indonesian course in Ubud. And I am so thrilled to live here for a month. To learn and live in Ubud is a thing I want to do. In fact that I am now working as a freelance writer is enabling me to work anywhere anytime I want. So it is just perfect.

nobody there right? almost nobody

Few times we’ve been in Ubud and he was upset that he can’t make any good photos of Tegalalang ricefield. Either because of too many people there or not enough lights due to rainy things… so we decided to go back and take photos there.

As you can also said that this is also doing some sport by walking and hiking through the ricefield there. My suggestion is, come as early as you can. Doesn’t have to be too early for sunrise, but try to come before 9. That time you’ll get the best view ever. Not many people come at that time yet. Even the shops are still close. So nobody will bother you with their selling stuff. In fact, you’ll be the only one who can use any good spots for taking pictures without having  you in line lol.

For some reason, you can’t use the sling there because the operation hours isn’t before 9 I guess, but who cares? You got plenty spot for photos. Or if you really wanna do the sling, you can wait until they open this facility.

It’s really worth to try, going early to Tegalalang rice field. Happy exploring ❤

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