Things I won’t Forget about Istanbul

I’ve been to Istanbul twice. First time, I hate the airport and the airport wifi. I am not the only one who doesn’t like Ataturk airport, either for services and wifi, it is also for immigration line. Way too long. Even when I tried to come back here through Denpasar, the immigration line wasn’t too long (although for my husband it is long enough whenever he came through  Denpasar).


Once you are in the city, you would fall in love with it. I was so curious why my friend loves to come to Istanbul, but he is right. It’s a lovely city.

I have few things that I won’t forget about Istanbul. It is like Istanbul trademark I guess.

The cats.

Whenever you are in Istanbul, you’ll see a lot of cats. Not just a lot of but really a lot of cats. it’s crazy. My husband who loves cats, he can stop every 10 meters walking just to touch or cuddle the cats. What is amaze me is the people also love and take care of the cats. They feed the cats, they provide a sleeping box and littering tray, never lack of foods and water, so they are so fat and big and heavy.

I wonder why. Then I relate it with the history of Ottoman empire. When Ottoman taking over Byzantine, they were muslims. In Islam, they treat cats so special because Prophet did the same. Cat is Prophet’s favorite animal. He really love it. So I think this is influencing the people in Ottoman that time for hundred years until today. For me it is so amazing where you can see so many cats in the city. I really never saw so many cats as much as in Istanbul.

The corns.

So, small vendors along the roads offer us their corn. Boiled and roasted ones. I really loves corn, coming to Istanbul means heaven. I can find it easily and it is becoming my daily snack everyday. Literally everyday. My husband doesn’t really like corn but there he really loved it. We ate it everyday and everyday, can’t skip a day without lol. The price is only TL1,5-2. So cheap and easy to find.

The vibes.

truly from the heart 😉

Hmm this is more like personal feelings. Of course the feelings could be different between me and you but the vibes was really strong. I can’t even forget how strong it was. Maybe, because I am a history nerd and coming to Istanbul means coming to a place where it was really great for hundred years, leaving us now so many historical things and sites, you can’t even imagine how great it was and how great it is to be there now. Have you ever feel being sucked into the old times? I did. I feel like I was the princess of Byzantine haha! But really, it was a great thing to be there and feel the vibes. And of course see what is left from that great emperor 🙂

Do you think the same as I do? 🙂

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