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Why I love Ubud So Much?

When we talk about Bali, Ubud always be the first list on my mind. I’ve been to some places in Bali but nothing give me a good vibe as much as Ubud. It may sound exaggerating but it really does.

I never like to stay in Denpasar but I have to before I have my flights. I always stay around Legian which is so crowded but close enough to airport. Last time I tried to stay in another place, a bit far from the center Legian (about 3km) and we had a huge traffic that took us an hour to airport.

I’ve been to Pemuteran (Menjangan) and Singaraja. It is so humid that I can’t bear it. It’s weird because I am Indonesian but the weather is just too humid there. Even Legian is less humid. This is what I like about Ubud. The weather is nice, less humid than other places (although there is another higher places like Kintamani or Batur) but it is just perfect for me. The vibe is so different, maybe that is why most of yoga classes is in Ubud. It gives you peace feeling. It’s weird huh?

Well, me and my husband have one favorite place for massage in Ubud. First time we went to Ubud, we tried this place and just in love directly. The place is next to our first homestay. When we came back again, the owner asked us ‘You two have been here right?’, we both said ‘We come back to Ubud for this massage’. We are weird but that is the fact. We came back for that Balinese massage. We had it almost everyday.

Ubud is green. It is always make me feel happy when I can see green stuff around me. It also perfect for cycling. Ubud also have some cute places in small roads. That is not the main thing but seeing them make me happy for no reason. The vibes that Ubud have, always make me want to come back again and again. I can tell what I feel but you definitely have to feel it yourself. I never disappointed by Ubud. Ubud always make me happy. And it always be on my bucket list to own my own homestay in Ubud. Is it possible? Nothing is impossible 🙂

So, have you been to Ubud? Do you feel the same as I feel? 🙂

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