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Recommended Eating Place in Bangkok

I definitely in love with Thai foods. Not everything but most of it. One of my weakness is cannot say no to tasty foods.

I spent more than a week to explore Bangkok. Not really exploring because I always too lazy to explore place alone when I am with my husband (he was sick that time and working most of time). But eating ritual always be important for us.

The impression of Thai foods are tasty and cheap. My favorite was Pad Thai, mango sticky rice (I bought in Mae Varee), and Tod Man Pla. I can’t let a day without it. And of course a typical ice of Thai tea.

So here we found some good eating places in Bangkok. It’s worth to try for good foods 🙂

Eathai in Central Embassy.

Their prices is quite pricey than normal eating places because it is in a mall. But not that pricey comparing to places around Nana plaza. So basically the same. Price is around USD 2-10. Still quite normal. I can guarantee you that they have good foods no matter which booth you go for. We wander around booths there and tried many of them and they never fail to satisfy our hunger. We never order 2 dishes. It was always more than 2 dishes 😀

Krua Khun Kung in Grand Palace neighboorhood (wife of navy restaurant)

We’ve been here twice. When we know they have good foods, we always come back for that. First time when we went to Grand Palace (and wat phra keaw). We read the review and everybody said it’s a good place to eat. At 6 pm, you can eat outside and see the Chao Phraya river cruise at night. Their Tod man pla is the best. Their Pad Thai also tasty. Their price is normal price of restaurant. When we talk about street food pad thai, it will cost only USD 2, but in this restaurant it could be around USD 4-6.

Green Garden Restaurant in Sukhumvit soi 20

We’ve been there for new year’s eve dinner. My husband and I went there with two other friends. I didn’t really like their Pad Thai but I love the papaya salad they have. My husband said that it is spicy but for me it’s not that spicy. Just normal spicy. The chicken also good, the crab also good, I just didn’t like the pad thai. we ordered like 7 dishes and we ate them all. With a bonus of celebrating new year lol. The price is a normal restaurant price. We paid like USD 40 for that many dishes.

And as a bonus, don’t forget to get a mango sticky rice in Mae Varee. It is definitely the best desert ever.

So I think I can recommend those three restaurant in Bangkok to try. Let me know your experience if you’ve tried them 🙂

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