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What You Can Do In Gili Islands

Do you have a plan to go to Gili Islands in Lombok? What are the plans you gonna do there?

Perhaps, most of you will say snorkeling, diving, chilling… well it’s quiet humid lol. But water sports must be the main activities there. Other than that there are some other things you can do there. Don’t worry, it will be fun πŸ™‚

Cycling around.

Gili islands are small. But Gili Meno is the smallest. One things you can do is cycling around the island. You don’t need to cycling the whole island, but cycling could be fun because you won’t see other machine vehicles there. It is 100% free pollution. You can enjoy cycling there without any interruption from those vehicles. You can explore the little road in the village and enjoy what might show up there in the middle of cycling. It would be little bit difficult to cycling around the sandy beach but the little road in the village is good to go. It has also normal cheap prices to rent the bicycle. About USD 3-5 a day.

Cooking Class.

Fall in love with Indonesian foods? Maybe you should try to cook those. There is a cooking class I went in Gili Air (I heard that it also in Gili Trawangan). They will teach you how to cook Indonesian foods. It is depend on the package you will choose. Some of them are Indonesian foods, but more specifically is Lombok foods.

It is easy cook, just let you know about the basic ingredients for Indonesian foods. You will eat your own cooks, so make sure you’ll cook it properly. The foods will be provided in a large portion. Well…it is not in that big portion but you will cook several things in total at least you will have 4 dishes to eat after you cook it.

The cheapest cooking class package around IDR 200k and the most expensive one is less than IDR 500k. Do not forget to book it in advance (online or just coming to the course place).

In Gili Air it is located next to the harbor. Easy to find.

Eating Seafood.

Hey, you come so far to Gili islands, you make a lot efforts for that, why don’t treat yourself with good seafood?

They will serve you best seafood start from evening. One by one will provide a display of seafood there. You can choose what kind of serving you want for your seafood. Either fry, grill, or steam, they will make it for you. Most of them will be served with salad (western salad or even Indonesian salad). There is one place I went and you got free salad, as much as you want. Their lobsters are great. Oops yea you can’t distract me when I have my seafood. Nothing can distract me lol.

So… are you ready to explore the island? Let me know your experiences there πŸ™‚


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