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Eco Friendly Travel

healthy juice with reusable straw

Earth is getting older, right?

If you are a traveler, then I believe that you care enough about environment you visit. This is of course depend on your own character whether you’ll take care of the environment like it’s yours or just leave it like ‘Ah it’s not mine anyway’.

There are so many things happen on this earth caused by human. I think human is the most destructive creature. Well.. not everyone but still there are a lot of irresponsible people who just doesn’t care about what our earth feel.

is it only me who are too sensitive with the earth and environment now?

So here I will ask you travelers to travel eco-friendly. Not throwing out trash unless to the trash bin, use less plastics, preferably zero waste. Well.. it won’t be easy to be like zero waste but at least we can reduce the usage of plastics. Hell! come on Indonesians!

Why I said Indonesians? Because I am Indonesian and Indonesia still one of the biggest producer for plastics waste. Remember there is a professional photo about seahorse carried a cotton bud? That was taken in Sumbawa sea.

You should start to care about that. How? You can start to use less plastic. I feel little bit shame for writing this hundred times but I care about this. Please reduce plastic usage, start to use metal or reusable things for our daily activities. Stop using plastic straws. Bring your own shopping bag. If it’s possible, use your own mug or bottle when you buy coffee at cozy coffee shop.

You can do more for your nature. Be nice to our earth, then earth will be nice to us. Trust me. A little change from yourself will means a lot for our future life ❤

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